Leo Duque

Hey, I am Leo. I have a lovely wife, a crazy pup, and a strong appreciation for tasty, cheap eats. I’m Colombian, but not the kind that can dance, or sing, or play soccer. Basically I just have an accent. Also, I make websites. Most of them are built on WordPress.

I got started with web development, making small tweaks on friends sites or nerding out on HTML/CSS. I took on increasingly difficult (and fun) projects, following my interests. I dug deeper and deeper into JS and PHP as the challenges began to shift from the aesthetic to the functional. Now I see every challenge as a puzzle… and I love puzzles.

Away from my keyboard, I hunt for great food, looking for a secret dive or making terrible mistakes experimenting in my own kitchen. Or help organize my local WordPress meetup. The time left mostly goes to the extremely futile task of trying to tire out my energetic dog.