Leo Duque


Turns out, the blinds business is VERY complex…

In addition to a visual update, HDH needed to turn their extremely complex product into a user friendly site. It had to be structured enough to simplify navigating their current products but also flexible enough for them to update it with one offs, this was something they had yet to achieve in previous iterations of the site.

I teamed up with Chicago based design company, Simple Truth and came in early enough in the process to help create a new organizational framework that created an easy-to-use frontend for clients, but also a manageable backend structure for HDH.


There was no way to get around the complexity that is shopping for blinds. In the end I matched the flow of the experience by breaking up all the product data into many little pieces of content and then tied it all back together via post relationships and custom logic based PHP. Then in the front end, lots of JavaScript sprinkled here and there helped keep the content visually simple and the site engaging. This was a challenge, but in the end I was pleased Рand so was the client.