Leo Duque


Simple Truth had been putting out visually stunning work for decades, but their website was in need of an update.

I teamed up with their skilled graphic design team to bring their vision to life, a vision that would reflect the vibrancy of their culture through clean graphics and a smooth user experience.

I developed a custom theme from scratch that both allowed Simple Truth to use the site as a client facing portfolio and let any members of the team seamlessly collaborate on it as a blogging platform. Then I used some JavaScript across the site to achieve the feel they wanted, creating sliders as well as dynamically pulled in content for users to explore.


It has been a while since I built this website, but it remains one of my favorite projects. It the first time that I agreed to build functionality I was not confident in. The designs looked lovely and I wanted to be the one to bring them to life, no lack of knowledge or confidence was going to stop me.

A few years in, it is a very pleasant surprise to see that having gone through some upgrades, the bulk of my code is still hanging around.