Leo Duque


The Collective was the first site Helio built using my framework, and it just so happened we were working with an external designer for it. After a quick skype call, she was super on board and excited to design a site in a way she had not done before.

Knowing each discrete design pattern was repeatable meant she was not constrained by an “X-pages” website design. Instead, her energy could go straight into how to serve the client’s needs.


I was a little nervous testing my framework on a live site. I spent time testing it, but some lessons are only learned in practice. But when a system made of discrete pieces, those pieces can only fail independently of each other.

Not only was collateral damage not an issue, but when a lovely block design turned into a problem, the team could collaborate on an optimal solution to improve that design pattern. No longer were devs left to “make something work”.